Best Condoms: Your Indispensable Guide for 2018

The new year is in full swing, and that means that we updated our list of the best condoms to try in 2018.

best condoms

As you can imagine this task is never easy because we feel a huge responsibility towards you, our customers, current and future.
We think these are the best condoms today because we’ve seen plenty of rubbers over the decade we’ve been in business. That being said, we believe you should try the ones we mention, and others too, to pick the condoms that you ultimately feel comfortable wearing. Because we can’t say this enough, sex is safer with a condom.

What does the best condom mean anyway?

There are not that many products that are as personal as condoms. Okay, there are some, and you can think of them for yourself, but you have to admit that condoms rank pretty high up on the personal and intimate list.
To us, the best condoms are those that feel and fit the best for you, the user.
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We understand that preferences vary from person to person. Everyone has his or her personal favorites, and that’s why we offer so much variety in our store and on our list.

Protection vs. Pleasure

Manufacturers’ primary goal is to make prophylactics that are not only effective and reliable but also contribute to your pleasurable experience.

Making Our List

Here at CondomJungle, we use a rather democratic process when selecting our best condoms. We ask our staff members, listen to our friends and get customer feedback, which gives us a lot of diversity when it comes to our candidates. With all that and a quick abracadabra, we create our Top 14.

How to select the best condom for you?


To find out what size category your member falls into you can do one of two things. Measure yourself to get your girth and determine whether you need small, regular, large or extra large rubbers. Or, try a bunch of condoms until you find your match. Either way, we encourage you to review our condom size chart to better understand the size deal.


Another criteria for you to consider is the condom type. Do you want ribs or studs? Do you like a certain flavor? Would a color liven things up?

Best Condom Brand

The condom brand has very little to do with selecting the best condom for you. Of course, you should choose a reputable brand, but after that it’s up to you.
That’s because, unless you make your purchase on the black market, the FDA regulates and oversees the quality of prophylactics. It is your preference that matters not the brand.

Condoms, aren’t they all alike?

You might think that condoms are virtually the same. Although they might look nearly identical, they certainly don’t all feel the same for both partners.
Several details differentiate prophylactics. Our Top 14 features condoms across several types and styles as well as sizes and materials. We don’t list our 14 best condoms in chronological order, with the first being the top and the last being the “worst” of the best.
These 14 condoms have their own unique attributes, making them great in their own unique ways to appeal to a variety of users.

Our picks for the best condoms

Best Condoms for Lasting Longer

Let’s open with condoms that are popular because of a specific feature. The idea behind these is simple. Sex feels great (we all know that), and no one wants to cut the act of pleasure short. This is when condoms with Benzocaine lubricant on the inside come into play.
Benzocaine is a mild desensitizer that extends your penis’ performance and subsequently prolongs your sexual pleasure. That is something that most everyone appreciates.
We offer two desensitizing condoms. The first one is Trojan Extended Pleasure and the second is Durex Prolong. They are a bit different so check them out.


Brand / Name
Brand / Name

Trojan Extended Pleasure

trojan extended pleasure

Prolongs sexual pleasure and performance — Prevents premature ejaculation — Lubricated — Reservoir tip — Straight wall shape.

Example Product

Durex Prolong

Ribbed and dotted — More control for HIM — More tima for HER — Delay lubricant — Male genital desensitizer for lasting longer

Best Condoms for the First Time

Many want to know this, but let’s be honest. If you’ve never done IT before, how would you really know if the condom you use is better than ALL others?
You’ll have a lifetime to play so… For the sake of this list, we wanted to pick something with that sense of experimentation. So we chose our variety pack that consists of many condoms. There’s a nice mix of types, brands and sizes.
If you buy our First-Time Variety Pack you get to explore what’s available to find out what you prefer.


Brand / Name
Brand / Name

First-Time Buyer Variety Pack

first time user variety pack

Mix of condoms from a variety of brands, types and sizes — Ideal for those who want to try a bunch of condoms in a single pack.

Best Condoms for HIM

It’s no secret that a condom protects both partners but let’s put the protection part aside for a little bit if you don’t mind and focus on the pleasure part alone.
Did you know that some condoms intensify a man’s pleasure? It’s almost like somebody giving you a helping hand when you need it.
Condoms that are a bit larger or looser on top are a great example of what’s best for him. The concept is simple and works like this. Your penis doesn’t feel trapped and enjoys its freedom to move, which consequently makes the little (or big) guy much happier.

Brand / Name
Brand / Name

Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy

Deep ribs — Super bulbous end — Lubricated inside and out — No reservoir tip.

Best Condoms for HER

Since we just elevated male pleasure when it comes to using certain types of condoms, it’s only fair to do the same for women.
When the lower part of the condom shaft features ribbing (or studs), it makes more of an impact on the female anatomy. Sensitivity levels differ among women, but generally speaking, a studded shaft stimulates her more.
Condoms with unique features like ribs or studs actually favor both partners a bit differently, and are definitely worth trying.


Brand / Name
Brand / Name

Trojan Double Ecstasy

Super bulbous end — Lubricated inside for HIM — Intensified lubricant outside fir HER — Deep ribs — No reservoir tip

Brand / Name

Durex Intense Sensation

Large dots for higher sensation — Lubricated — Reservoir tip — Fitted shape — Made of natural rubber latex material

Best Feeling Condoms

Prevention and protection is the primary reason behind using condoms so what else do users expect from prophylactics? You can’t blame anyone for wanting the best feeling and that is what ultra-thin condoms give you. They are thinner, without compromising strength or reliability.
Ultra-thin are the best condoms from the sensitivity perspective and are a favorite for a significant number of users. Try Trojan Bare Skin condoms.


Brand / Name
Brand / Name

Trojan BareSkin

Extra sensitive — Reservoir tip — Latex material — 40% thinner than other Trojan condoms

Brand / Name

Beyond Seven Ultra Thin

Ultra thin — Extra sensitive — Lubricated — Reservoir tip — Natural rubber latex material

Best Condoms for Oral Sex

Oral sex is a discipline that many enjoy giving and/or receiving so how do you make condoms a part of this? In the past it was somewhat tricky to choose because most rubbers didn’t smell or taste so great. Today’s condoms don’t smell much if at all.
If you choose to use a condom for oral sex activities, choose one that is ultra thin and therefore much more sensitive. They are also lightly lubricated.


Brand / Name
Brand / Name

Durex iNViSiBLE Ultra Thin

Ultra thin — Ultra sensitive — Lubricated — Pleasant scent — Reservoir tip — Made of natural rubber latex

Best Flavored Condoms

Ultra thin rubbers are one option for an oral sex rendezvous but so are flavored varieties.
The best-flavored condoms are those that taste and smell like fresh fruits that stimulate your senses.
We have it so good nowadays since some condoms taste like banana, blueberry, strawberry, orange… Close your eyes and feel like you are eating a juicy cherry after shopping at the supermarket.


Brand / Name
Brand / Name

SKYN Cocktail Club

Flavoured — Inspired by famous cocktails — Lubricated — Reservoir tip — Made of non-latex material

If the oral sex options didn’t make you happy to be alive, we have another winner for you coming up next.

Best Condoms for Anal

This selection is a treat for all you lovers of backdoor activities. Thick condoms are a great choice for your heiny shenanigans.
We also recommend using lube, and lots of it.


Brand / Name
Brand / Name

LifeStyles Extra Strength

Thicker than regular condoms — Lubricated — Reservoir tip — Made of natural rubber latex

Best Non Latex Condoms

Our list would be incomplete without mentioning condoms without latex. If this subject is new to you, we recommend reading our article about non latex condoms.
Though the selection in the non latex category is limited, there are a few options, and it’s getting better every year. Our pick this time is LifeStyles Skyn Elite.


Brand / Name
Brand / Name

LifeStyles SKYN Elite

Ultra thin — Lubricated — Reservoir end — Straight wall shape — Made of non latex material

Brand / Name

LifeStyles SKYN Extra Lubricated

Extra lubricated — Reservoir end — Straight wall shape — Made of non latex material


Now that you’ve seen our list of the best condoms to try in 2018 you know there is lots of pleasure ahead for you in the coming months.
Even better news is there are lots of other great condoms out there that didn’t get a chance to shine on our list this year.
If your favorite didn’t make it to a top slot, we sincerely apologize. Share your preferences with us so we get a head start on 2019.
As for 2018, we’ve given you lots of the best condoms. Take our recommendations or find your own. As long as you use protection, that’s what matters.

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